Innovative direct dispense technology to ensure in-time delivery and release during continuous biomanufacturing


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In biologic manufacturing, caking is a phenomen that can affect a wide range of hygroscopic solid raw materials and excipients. Apart from the sourcing and logistics considerations for these materials and the direct costs related to caking, lost batches due to unreliable product supply, inconsistent product quality or inconsistent product release are other challenges that companies must overcome.

This webinar will highlight the J.T.Baker® direct dispense platform, an innovative packaging technology for the storage and dispensing of pre-weighed solid raw materials and excipients.

Topics include:

  • Large scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing challenges and opportunities
  • Improvements in flexibility and process economics through continous and single system based process offers
  • Case study: how the J.T.Baker® direct dispense platform aided a customer in de-clumping material in their buffer preparation

Presented as part of the Avantor webinar programme in June 2019.

Presented by:

Willie Hesselink, Senior Technical Application Project Manager, Biopharma Production, Avantor

Willie Hesselink is Senior Technical Application Project Manager at Avantor´s biopharma production unit. Prior to this role, he was R&D Manager at Avantor Performance Materials. Willie brings over 20 years of industrial expertise in the R&D of raw materials + excipients for biopharma processes. In his current role, he has led many process optimization and TCO projects in collaboration together with clients.

Willie holds a B.Sc. in analytical chemistry from the Saxion Univ. of Applied Sciences in Enschede, Netherlands.