Automated Cell Imaging System


  • Cell counting and cell viability
  • Assessing mitochondrial and cytotoxicity
  • Measuring neurite outgrowth
  • Cell differentiation
  • Protein expression index
  • Autophagy detection
  • DNA damage assays

Product Details

ImageXpress® Pico (4-63x objective)

More than a digital microscope, the ImageXpress® Pico system combines imaging and powerful analysis for individual labs that need easy automated imaging solutions. The Pico gives you the convenience of automated imaging and analysis on your lab bench.

After a simple step-by-step setup, images are automatically acquired and analyze.  The CellReporterXpress software offers advanced features that simplify the user experience while generating data-rich results. Preconfigured templates for many commonly used cell imaging and analysis protocols simplify the imaging process, whilst the approachable software allows the Pico to be used with minimal training

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