Quantus Boot Covers


  • Front Zipper
  • Elastic band in the back with adjustable press studs
  • Adjustable snap fastener at instep height
  • Light grey plastic sole (Maestro) high sole model (robust, waterproof, autoclavable)
  • Polyester band boost between sole and texture
  • Sizes: S - XL

Optional Features:

  • PES-ties at knee and ankle height
  • Additional clip at instep height

Quantus® Boot Cover Plus Q-D


  • Plastic zipper, concealed and offset to the side (outwards)
  • Gaiter closure at top, adjusted with PES tape and buckle clip
  • Two flaps as threading guide for the projecting PES tape on the edge of the gaiter
  • Clip fastener at instep
  • Double reinforcement on the gaiter, made of outer fabric
  • Reinforcement between sole and texture, made of CONTROL fabric (white)
  • Light grey nitrile plastic sole CRS-BA low (ergonomically molded, roughened profile, stable, waterproof, autoclavable)
  • Sizes: S - XL