Solid Phase Extraction

Avantor offers a variety of J.T.Baker® brand silica- and polymer-based BAKERBOND™ spe columns, high performance J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND Speedisk columns and disks, and J.T.Baker® standard vacuum processors to improve and simplify sample clean-up and concentration.

  • J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND spe columns are recommended when standard performance with good economy is needed
  • J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND Speedisk columns are recommended when higher levels of speed and performance are required

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J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND spe™ extraction disks

50mm disks for samples from 200ml to 2L. These are not cardridge or membrane disks.

J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND spe™ extraction columns

1ml, 3ml and 6ml columns, round-rimmed and earshaped in ultraclean polypropylene or glass

J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND sorbents for SPE

Sorbent bulk packing material

J.T.Baker® general SPE accessories

General SPE accessories such as reservoirs and adaptors