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A significant portion of the science that occurs in a R&D department is not purely towards discovery, but to cover the baseline scientific support that makes research and development possible. Unfortunately, these routine tasks are often carried out by the researchers themselves, using precious time that could otherwise be spent on scientific innovation.

Many facilities can overlook the fact that simple, protocol-based science can have a negative effect on overall productivity. In addition to consuming valuable time, there can be inconsistencies between the methods of scientists tasked with preparing their own solutions or setting up their own experiments. This can severely lower the repeatability of experiments, risking the dependability of results and delaying overall company progress.

Many organizations faced with this dilemma have regained their competitive edge by expanding their laboratory support system with a scientific services provider. But who can you trust to fulfill this role? You want a team that has industry experience, reliable service, and flexibility to work within your means; a team that will help you advance your scientific vision – a team like Avantor Services. Read more below to learn how our team of scientists can deliver custom managed services and bring your team into the lab of the future.

Service Solution Spotlight

No Longer Tasked with Cell Bank Management, Scientists Gain Time for Research

Avantor Services partnered with scientific stakeholders to design a standard operating procedure that would exceed researcher expectations.

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Onsite Services

Custom managed services for a wide range of chemistry and biology labs, reducing complexity and creating value for your organization.

R&D Lab Scientific Support

Custom managed services for a wide range of chemistry and biology labs, reducing complexity and creating value for your organization.

Bioprocessing Facility Support

Tap the productivity of your pilot or manufacturing suites by reducing the burden of your non-core and routine scientific tasks.

Scientific Operations Support

An onsite Scientific Solutions Laboratory can eliminate the hassle of routine tasks, such as preparing media, buffers, and bulk solutions.

Scientific Sample Management

Our team assembled a sample management program that developed improved processes to sustain a growing workload with 50% of the original workforce.

Freezer Management Program Delivers Cost Avoidance

Our team developed controls and processes to reclaim freezer space, refocus scientists' time, and ensure effective preventative maintenance planning.

Technology Solutions

Our portfolio of applications and services provide you with best-in-class technology and in-house specialists to streamline your support chain and deliver a great user experience.

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