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You’re tasked with implementing year-over-year savings, but as you drive down costs every year, uncovering new ways to deliver savings becomes the challenge. It’s a classic business puzzle not lost on you, but a challenge you accept nonetheless.

Yet growing from a transactional facilitator to a trusted advisor that supports your organization’s overall business strategy in the age of digital transformation involves more than just finding the best price. You must also guarantee timely delivery, balance multiple vendor orders, and streamline purchasing to allow for quick responses to shifting requirements.

Your ideal solution is to secure a single supplier that maintains its own reliable and traceable supply chain, manages regulatory compliance, minimizes tail-end expenses, and propels advancements in industry and technology. Avantor Services is your solution. Learn about how we can help from the selection of resources below.

Service Solution Spotlight

Study Shows Potential to Reduce High R&D Purchase Order Costs

An Avantor Services study showed that a majority of R&D businesses have the potential to reduce purchase order costs by 50% or more.

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Explore Our Holistic Solutions for Procurement Managers

Inventory manager

A cloud-based, inventory management system, that manages the consumption and replenishment of all your lab supplies (VWR products as well as third-party products from any vendor)

Stockroom Inventory Management

An automated inventory management system prevents repetitive ordering, reduces the burden on scientists, and optimizes inventory levels.

Point-of-Use Inventory Management

Keep supplies closer to the workbench and readily available for use, reducing overstock and time spent locating necessary products.

Ensuring Audit Compliance Through Efficient Chemical Inventory Practices

We enabled an ongoing program for managing expired chemicals and ensuring audit compliance for a major specialty chemical company.

MarketSource Procurement & Sourcing Services

A sourcing solution for research supplies thanks to VWR's well-established relationships with suppliers across the globe.

Custom Packaging & Kitting

Get custom kits tailored for your research, production, or other commercial needs quickly and efficiently.

B2B Integration Services

Manage your budget, improve reconciliation, consolidate your vendor base, and control maverick spending all in one place.

Technology Solutions

Our portfolio of applications and services provide you with best-in-class technology and in-house specialists to streamline your support chain and deliver a great user experience.

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