Avantor Flowmor™ Packaging System ensures free-flowing salts

Flowmor is a unique packaging system which helps maintain free-flowing, hygroscopic salts. Hygroscopic salts naturally absorb moisture and can cake to form a rock-hard product. The moisture contained within the salt or present in the air, reacts and binds the salt crystals together. In many cases, personnel need to break up the caked material prior to use.

The Flowmor package alleviates this problem by keeping outside moisture from entering the container while absorbing the moisture surrounding the salt. This packaging system consists of 3 parts - an external barrier, an internal liner and desiccant bags.

  • The external barrier is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) drum. The drum provides a barrier to block moisture outside the container from reaching and interacting with the salt
  • The internal liner is a permeable bag which allows the salt to breathe. Moisture surrounding the salt can flow through the bag and away from thesalt
  • Desiccant bags are placed between the exterior barrier and interior liner. These bags absorb any moisture within the container and prevent the salt from caking
  • Combining these 3 components results in an easy to handle, free-flowing hygroscopic salt.

The following J.T.Baker and Macron salts are available in the Flowmor™ packaging system:

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